Okay, who starts these things? It needs to stop. Or rather never be a thing in the first place. Binghamton Homepage did a report about some new trend found on Tik Tok that suggests cleaning your teeth with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Really? First thing - no. The story includes a warning from a dentist in El Paso, Texas that this practice could cause permanent damage to your teeth. Procter & Gamble is the parent company of the product and they have a warning on the package that states is should not be used on your skin or any body parts.

No kidding. So, why did someone think this would be a good thing. And how did that person even dream up this idea to begin with? As you know, it's not the first time people have come up with dumb ideas like this. Do you remember the Tide Pod Challenge? Who in their right mind would want to pop one of those things into their mouth for whatever the challenge is?

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WFLA-TV did a story about a salt and ice challenge. It's where you pour salt somewhere on your exposed body, add ice holding it against the salt and keeping it that way until you can no longer handle the pain. Wow. Can you say third degree burns? Don't do that.

Remember the Kylie Jenner lip challenge? It's where you use a glass or a jar to suck your lips to make yourself look like you have lpis similar to Kylie Jenner? That's not right. And it's dangerous. I don't think that challenge lasted long, and for good reason.

My advice? If it sounds not right or dangerous, it probably is, so don't do it, no matter how popular it gets on social media. Sadly, these crazy ideas have popped up as long as we have been alive and will probably continue long after we're gone.

via Binghamton Home Page, WFLA TV 

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