Today is the last day you can purchase tickets to get aboard our bus trip to go to Syracuse to see the Orange host the Pitt Panthers. The game is this Saturday at 12:30. It is also homecoming for Syracuse. That means all the Alum will be in the dome and the place will be rocking.

If you've never seen a college game in person, this is an awesome opportunity for you. Tickets aboard the bus are just $50. For your $50 you will get a ticket to the game, a safe ride to and from the game on a luxury motor coach, and refreshments on the bus. You don't have to worry about driving, you don't have to worry about parking, you don't have to worry about walking and getting in line for a shuttle bus, and you don't have to worry about fueling up your car. Relax on the bus on the way up, then have fun at the game, and relax all the way home. Today is your last day to get tickets. Click on the link to get them now.

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