It's been so long since I've been to a minor league baseball or hockey game, I have forgotten how much fun it is to root for our favorite teams, and I imagine it's the same for most sports fans.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced today during his press conference that stadiums and arenas in New York State with a capacity of 10,000 persons or more, can re-open.

The decision was made after the two Buffalo Bills playoff games at Bills Stadium in January turned out to be a success with Covid regulations strictly put in place. Of course, those same strict Covid regulations will need to be adhered to at these stadiums and arenas as well.

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The capacity for these venue re-openings will mean a limit of 10 percent capacity and all venue staff and spectators will need to test negative for Covid within a 72 hour period along with wearing a face mask at all times, having your temperature checked upon arriving, and be assigned a socially distanced seat.

The New York State Governor's website states that the Barclays Center is set to re-open on February 23rd with a game between the Brooklyn Nets and Sacramento Kings, and if these re-openings are successful, it will eventually lead to the re-opening of smaller arenas and stadiums in New York State.

So for now, that means venues like NYSEG Stadium and the Broome County Arena will not be able to open for events, at least for now, but if the larger venue events result in success, hopefully we can get back to local events including baseball, hockey, concerts and other special events.

It's been almost a year, and we need our entertainment. Let's hope for the success of these major venue re-openings so we can look forward to a summer of entertainment in our stadiums and arenas.

via New York State Governor website

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