Recently, my co-workers and I were discussing how much we miss the live concert scene. Dosen't matter whether it's a national or local act, we just miss seeing a band performing live.

The discussion progressed to what was the first concert we saw from a national band. Odd as it sounds, I didn't attend any concerts when I was in college or even during my first time living in Binghamton  from 1977 to 1980. I almost bought tickets to see Elvis Presley at the Arena, but that didn't happen. I wish I had. Those shows in Binghamton occured on May 26th and 27th. Elvis died on August 16th, 1977.

My first concert experience didn't occur until after I returned to Binghamton in 1982 after a short time working in Elmira radio. That first show was at the Broome County Arena to see Foreigner on August 14th, 1982. It seems there were rock and pop concerts almost on a monthly basis back in the 1980s and 1990s at the Arena.

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So, on the Whale Facebook page, we recently asked the question: "Tell Us What Your First Concert Was," and we recieved a lot of responses.

Jeff commented that his first concert was at the Arena to see Kiss, Michael saw Cheap Trick in 1980, John's first concert experience was seeing Rainbow at the Palace in Albany.

Nikki commented her first concert was Twisted Sister with opening act Black Lace at the Broome County Arena in December 1982, and mentioned that the ticket price was $10.50. Michael's first concert was to see Glenn Campbell at the Broome County Arena in 1978.

The Guess Who was my first favorite band, and Kevin commented his first concert was to see the band at the University Of Scranton in the mid 70s.  Alan mentioned his first show was at the Broome County Arena to see Starcastle, Styx, and Uriah Heep in 1976.

Bob commented that his first concert expeience was Blue Oyster Cult with an awesome light show, and mentioned that the concerts were brought to you by Charms Boutique. I do remember that!

And Michael had a great comment saying his first concert experience was a school band assembly that they we're all forced to attend in grade school. Love it! Thanks for all your comments. I remember a lot of those shows that came to our area. Hopefully we'll see more, soon.

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