I said it many times before, I believe that our military deserves our thanks for their service and their sacrifices. Whether they see combat or not, they are willing to risk their lives to protect our way of life.

And whether or not they served during wartime, it still meant months, if not years, away from loved ones, missing family events, and spending holidays apart from those that mean the most to them.

I love hearing stories of companies that offer special discounts to our veterans. It makes me want to promote and patronize these businesses even more.

WBNG reported that Kohl's Department Store is offering a new discount called Military Mondays, where active military personnel, veterans, and their family members will receive a 15% discount on Mondays at least through the end of the year.

According to the report, Kohl's said in a press release, that it was their way of thanking active and former military personnel and their families for their sacrifice and service to our country.

In order to receive the discount, at the time of purchase, you must present a veteran ID, a valid military ID, or a military dependent ID.

Thank you, Kohls, for helping those who help to keep us safe and free.
And thank you, all veterans, active military, and their families for their service and sacrifices.

The Kohl's location in the Binghamton area is on the Vestal Parkway in Vestal.

[via WBNG]

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