Tuesday March 20th. It's the day we said a hearty farewell to Winter. As seasons go, this past one was a bit nastier than I'd like. Actually no Winter for me, would be just fine. I'd have to move south for that.

Not sure I had to shovel the white stuff more this past Winter that the previous year, but it seemed so. We had more significant snowfalls than I would like to see.

At least we didn't experience too much in the way of ice. That's what really makes Winter so much more to hate. I have a driveway that is at a 45 degree angle, and my van doesn't do so well parked on a sheet of angled ice. More than once have I seen the van slide down the driveway...and I wasn't even in it! That's scary.

The Winter was rough on my front steps. Everytime I shoveled snow off those steps, broken concrete came along with it. When the weather turns warm, I'll have to decide whether to patch it with concrete, or rip the whole thing out. That would be expensive and beyond my expertise.

Spring is here, and with that, warmer temperatures, rain replacing snow and maybe even a bit of sunshine. I'm ready to go. The outdoor grill is ready to light up and I just bought a new lawnmower, so green grass, start growing!

Bye bye Winter. Unfortunately you'll be back way too soon.

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