I guess I'm pretty much am a conservative especially when it comes to government spending on stuff like this.

If you travel down 81 or even down Route 26 into Pennsylvania from New York you will see signs that welcome you to the state just like all states do. The latest ones say "Welcome to Pennsylvania, State of Independence". That actually makes sense. The Declaration of Independence was drawn up in Philadelphia and Philadelphia was the country's First Capital, Philadelphia is in Pennsylvania so I think that works. I remember the signs that used to say "Welcome to Pennsylvania. America Starts Here" I thought that made sense too because again, the country started in Philadelphia. They also had signs that said, "Welcome to Pennsylvania, The Keystone State".

Now, they started putting up new signs that say "Welcome to Pennsylvania, Pursue Your Happiness". Does that mean they are going to make marijuana legal in the state? No, that's not what it means. I guess they want to promote a positive image of Pennsylvania. I don't think wasting money on signs like this is a way to accomplish that. Maybe do something to lower the gas tax as well as taxes on cigarettes and some other items, that might help. I remember when we used to drive to Pennsylvania to get cigarettes and gas because they were both cheaper there than in New York. But not anymore. They are actually more expensive than they are in New York, (for now). And don't get me started on the roads in Pennsylvania.

So go ahead go ahead Pennsylvania, waste money on stupid signs. I'm not a PA resident anymore so I don't really care.

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