The Whale's Time Machine has been sitting idle since last Thursday, so let's crank it up and go back in Classic Rock history!

This week, we will travel back 32 years to February 25th, 1984. At that time, WAAL was introducing to the greater Binghamton area, the best rock music of the day.

One band in particular was having great success that year, and that band was the original lineup of Van Halen. On this day in 1984, from their current album at that time, '1984', the song Jump had just topped the US singles chart. Hard to believe it was the only Van Halen song to hit the number one position.

It wasn't long after that when David Lee Roth parted ways with Van Halen and went on his solo career. We all know how that turned out.By the way, if you bought the single, you may remember the 'B" side contained the song House of Pain.

Since we're already in The Whale Time Machine, lets look in on Van Halen's 1984 tour performing Jump for this week's Classic Rock Throwback Thursday.