Clubs. I was never a big fan of joining clubs in middle and high school. I had enough trouble just paying attention in class, and the quicker I got out of the building, the better.

These days, you can find 'clubs' everywhere from local interests to social media and the internet. We even have a 'club' that's affectionately called The Whale Nation. What's the point of joining (for free of course) and becoming a member of our club? Well, let me explain.

First, we don't hound you with senseless stuff. What we do give you includes benefits, like saving 50 dollars off our bus trip to Mountain Jam, entering contests like 2K A Day to win money, and every month we have a bunch of cool prizes that you can enter to win for starters.

This month, there are some great prizes going to someone who enters, like a Amazon Echo Show, a GoPro Hero5 Bundle, a Target gift card, propane grill, and an 8 person instant tent to name a few.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our cool club - the Whale Nation, and be proud! To enter, click on that button below.

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