Just when it seemed like Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams might be able to shoot the breeze over a couple of brews at the next neighborhood barbecue, their feud has reportedly started anew.

NME reports that Page, who recently appeared to emerge victorious in his efforts to prevent his neighbor Williams from carrying out extensive renovations to his home, has filed a new complaint against the singer.

According to the Daily Mail, Williams hasn't given up on his dream of modernizing his home; rather than abandoning his thwarted plans, he's readjusted them, submitting a new set of plans to the local council in an effort to create a living space suitable for "contemporary family living that will ensure the long term occupation and appropriate use of the place into the future."

This doesn't sit well with Page, who's reportedly taken his complaints to the council for the third time in his ongoing battle to preserve the integrity of his estate, built in the 1870s by famed architect William Bruges. Warning that the "special characteristics" of the home, including "extremely delicate and, of course, irreplaceable" finishings, could be damaged by nearby construction, and he's hired teams of architects and engineers to help argue his case.

Aiding Page in his efforts is the fact that his house has Grade 1 listing status, which means it's under heritage protection as a building of exceptional historical interest. The Mail's report also notes that Page is fighting his other next-door neighbors, who are currently embroiled in a battle with the former Led Zeppelin guitarist (as well as a coalition that includes the Victorian Society) while trying to "renovate their home and build a subterranean 'iceberg' extension."

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