Forget about smoking anything on any municipal property in Newark Valley.

The Tioga County Village has adopted a 100 percent Comprehensive Smoke-Free Policy prohibiting use of all tobacco, cannabis and vaping products at all Newark Valley-owned properties, structures, ballfields and play areas in the Village.

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The policy was approved at the May 10th board meeting.

The measure has the support of Tobacco Free Broome and Tioga.

Newark Valley Mayor James Tornatore says, “During my generation in the 1950s, smoking was a rite of passage. We knew it was dangerous, but it did not matter, we were young and unafraid.”

Dangers from smoking include COPD, asthma, coronary disorders, lung cancer, and death.

Tornatore says the board felt it was necessary to adopt a 100-percent smoke Free Policy to protect constituents.

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The 2021 local Community Tobacco Survey found that 61.2 percent of Tioga County residents supported restricting or eliminating smoking in outdoor places like parks, playgrounds and other outdoor recreation areas.  Even more, 65.2 percent supported prohibited smoking on the grounds of public places and workplaces according to Tobacco Free Broome and Tioga Community Engagement Coordinator Laura Kelly.

The Surgeon General of the United States has said there is no safe level for secondhand smoke.  The smoke drifting toward non-smokers still contains over seven-thousand chemicals, including carcinogens.  Secondhand smoke ha been linked to premature death and disease in children and adults who do not smoke.

Updated Smoke-Free signage has been provided to the Village of Newark Valley by Tobacco Free Broome and Tioga.

Information on quitting or adopting smoke-free policies can be found at

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