It was just a couple of days ago when a friend asked my advice on a possible trip to visit another country that I have visited a few times.

Granted, it's been around 30 years since my last venture across the pond, but I told him about some of my unforgettable destinations in this country. The country I'm referring to is the United Kingdom, and more specifically, Scotland.

My wife and I loved the adventure so much, that we returned to Scotland two more times where we rented a car, spent all our nights at a Bed and breakfast in each location we visited, and had the times of our lives.

No matter where you are in Scotland, you are surrounded by such beautiful countryside. Even the cities are amazing. But, our trip would not have been as smooth without the help of a local travel agent.

I recommended to my friend that speaking with a travel agent might be a good idea, especially since he was going to travel to another country for the first time.

And speaking of travel agents, it's always nice to see a new local business open up in the Greater Binghamton area. According to Greater Binghamton's Facebook page, a new local travel agency has opened in Endwell.

The Mary May Travel Agency is located in the building that houses the Galley Tavern and Atrio Banquets, across from the Endwell Family Physicians. The Greater Binghamton Facebook post notes that the travel agency is owned by Mary May, who has owned a Cruise Planners franchise for over 13 years and is home to the Bing Travel Club which is a group of like-minded people who love to travel the world, see new places, and make new friends.

Mary May specializes in everything trip-related, including trips abroad to amazing countries like Greece, Thailand, and Italy.

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