The Move Over Law in New York State went into effect in 2010.

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The Move Over Law was designed to prevent collisions with emergency vehicles by requiring drivers to change lanes when approaching these vehicles. Years later, this law was expanded to include hazard vehicles and other responder vehicles.

One aspect of the law that was missing was remedied in September 2023, when New York State Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law, legislation aimed to enhance the existing Move Over Law, extending its protective measures to all vehicles stopped on the roadway.

According to New York State Senator Lea Webb, "personal vehicles stopped on the sides of highways remained a safety hazard, with nearly 300 drivers being struck and killed roadside annually. From 2016 to 2020, 37 individuals lost their lives outside disabled vehicles in New York."

In addition to passing emergency and disabled vehicles alongside the road, we all know when an emergency vehicle is approaching, New York State requires that "as soon as you see those red lights, vests or reflectors, check traffic around you, slow down and move over if safe to do so.

What Vehicles Use A Yellow Light?

But what if the flashing light on a vehicle approaching you, is something other than red? Yellow lights are found on tow trucks, construction vehicles, government vehicles, and utility vehicles. Motorists are not to pull over if they pass but do exercise caution when passing, since many times they may be moving slower than normal traffic.

Are Motorists Required To Pull Over for Vehicles Displaying a Blue Light?

But how about vehicles displaying a flashing/strobing blue light? The Vestal Fire Department notes on a Facebook post that "a blue light signifies the personally-owned vehicle of a Volunteer Firefighter responding to an alarm of some kind. By New York State Law they are not a designated emergency vehicle and should use no audible warning devices."

No law in New York State requires you to pull over for a vehicle flashing a blue light, but, it would be a good idea to yield the right of way as they are responding to an emergency.
The Vestal Fire Department post also notes that if a motorist in traffic cannot pull over when a vehicle displaying a flashing blue light approaches, the motorist is not permitted to break New York State DOT Vehicle and Traffic Laws to accommodate their passing your vehicle.

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