In January 2023, New York State Senator Lea Webb introduced Senate Bill S2672A, later substituted by A2307A in June 2023.

The bill is described as "Relates to the computation of building aid for the construction, reconstruction or modernizing of certain projects by the Binghamton city school district."

On June 7th Senator Webb passed legislation that would "authorize the Binghamton City School District to access two times their multi-year cost allowance in a five-year period for the computation of Building Aid for a construction project to improve Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School.

Assemblymember Donna Lupardo passed the legislation (A2307A) through the Assembly on June 5th.

Senator Webb noted earlier in 2023 that the Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School this school was designated as a Failing School, due to the degree of asbestos used for fireproofing and insulation of 85% of the building. In addition, the classroom sizes are under the minimum standards for square footage recommended by New York State.

On December 22nd, New York State Governor Kathy Hochul vetoed the bill.

We are disappointed that our Roosevelt Elementary bill was vetoed last night. It would have expedited the much-needed reconstruction of the school, by giving the district access to a larger amount of construction aid. We have been informed that the veto memo contains a pledge from the Governor to work with us on an alternative way to help fund the project, through the state budget process. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the Roosevelt Elementary community and to creating a safe and healthy learning environment for the students on the Northside. A heartfelt thank you to the community for their support; we would not have come this far without their advocacy. –New York State Senator Lea Webb and New York State Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo

Webb and Lupardo noted that more details will become available when the Veto Memo 115 appears online, and that often there is a long time lag.

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