There are a number of road work projects that will be affecting local traffic long-term that start September 6.

Signs in Johnson City warn motorists of a detour around Oakdale Road.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

There were no official news releases issued concerning the project that will be closing the road west of the Oakdale Mall for several weeks.  There are orange detour signs for the project posted not only in the area of Oakdale and Route 17C in Westover and at Harry L. Drive, but also on Route 201 Northbound prior to the ramps to State Route 17.

Glenwood Avenue between Clinton Street and Prospect Street in the City of Binghamton will be closed for reconstruction with completion scheduled by December.

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A news release from Deputy Mayor Megan Heiman advises detours will be in place on Clinton, Mygatt and Prospect Streets.

As for businesses and their customers in that area, the news release says “Access will be maintained to Glenwood Avenue businesses with the street remaining open to local traffic.”

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