If you're looking for a pet that's guaranteed to keep you on your toes, an Upstate New York animal shelter has the perfect companion waiting for you.

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In a Facebook post last week, the Niagara SPCA highlight one of their adoptable dogs, but the description they gave him isn't for the faint of heart.

If you don't want to read the whole post, let me sum it up for you. Ralphie got absolutely roasted by his own shelter.

In addition to being called a "fire-breathing demon dog," the animal shelter referred to him as the Mother of Dragons, a whole jerk, and a terror in a somewhat small package. Apparently, everywhere Ralphie goes he causes nothing but torment for his owners to the point where he's had to be rehomed multiple times.

The animal shelter also gave their idea as to why Ralphie became a "fire-breathing demon dog," saying "Our best guess is that Ralphie's cute face got him whatever he wanted and boundaries are something he heard people talk about, but they didn't apply to him."

For the record, Ralphie does indeed have a cute face so I can see why his original owners wanted to give him anything he wanted.

But speaking as someone who also owns a fire-breathing demon dog, having a four-legged lunatic wreaking havoc around the house keeps things interesting. It's definitely worth dealing with the trouble he gets in because like Ralphie, my dog Brody also has a cute face.

James Kelly/WNBF

And in case you're wondering why he looks especially happy in this picture, it's because I caught him eating the couch while nobody was watching. But it's definitely still worth putting in the work to train a lunatic dog like Ralphie or Brody so if you want to take a shot on fire-breathing demon dog Ralphie, now you know where to find him.

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