Easter celebrations just got more affordable for New Yorkers thanks to one major retailer who is lowering prices on some food items ahead of the holiday.

Walmart has announced significant price reductions on their Easter meal offerings as New Yorkers are dealing with rising prices and inflation.

John Laney, Executive Vice President of Food at Walmart says he understands the financial challenges faced by customers. He shared, "We're proud to offer an Easter meal priced even lower than last year, so our customers can celebrate without sacrificing the essentials this holiday season."

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To make Easter meals even more budget-friendly, Walmart says it has removed inflation from their 2024 Easter meal items, resulting in prices lower than those seen in 2023. With a wide selection of side dishes, appetizers, and desserts, Walmart has curated a mouthwatering Easter meal that costs less than $8 per person.

When it comes to the meal itself, Walmart is providing options and discounts on an array of options. From Sam's Choice Bone-in Spiral Cut Ham weighing 8-14.6 lbs for $26.56 to Dole Pineapple Slices in a 20-ounce can priced at $1.97, there's something for everyone. Walmart says that preparing your Easter meal can be a breeze. For instance, a dinner for up to ten people will cost less than $73.

Walmart says it is also offering discounted Easter baskets for kids, ensuring that New Yorkers can enjoy festivities without breaking the bank. The retailer has compiled a list of Easter basket items priced under $20, with options ranging from candy to decorations and even paper grass.

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New Yorkers can take advantage of these special Easter deals on meals and baskets until Easter Sunday, March 31.

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