Phone scams are so big these days that so many of us don’t even pick up our phone when it rings. We figure that if it’s important, the caller will text or leave a message that we’ll either get around to listening to or not.

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Although a huge part of the population goes out of its way to avoid answering the phone at all costs, there are still many people who do and if you’re one of those people and you’re worried that you might accidentally accept a call from a scammer, this is for you.

Keep in mind that not all area codes that you don’t recognize are from a scammer but there are a few area codes that you should probably keep an eye out for because they’re more likely to be associated with a scammer.

876 – Jamaica

Scammers from this area code often pose as lottery officials or representatives from well-known organizations, promising large cash prizes. They may ask for personal information or request payment to claim the supposed winnings.

809, 829, 849 - Dominican Republic

Scammers using these area codes typically attempt to trick individuals into dialing back, incurring significant charges. They may leave brief missed calls or voicemails urging victims to return the call.

284 - British Virgin Islands

Similar to the Dominican Republic, scammers from this area code may also use missed calls or voicemails to entice individuals to call back, subsequently leading to high charges.

234 - Nigeria

Known for the infamous "Nigerian Prince" scam, scammers from Nigeria may claim to have a large inheritance or business opportunity and request money or personal information to facilitate the transaction.

242 - The Bahamas

Scammers may use this area code to impersonate customer service representatives from banks or credit card companies, attempting to gather sensitive financial information.

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