We know how important it is for parents to choose the right words when talking to our kids, right? Well, a new study took a look at the kind of language that parents in New York use. They found out how it affects kids' self-image, especially when it comes to gender-specific phrases.

43% of parents in New York try to avoid using gender-stereotyped language with their kids. They want to get rid of traditional gender roles in their language. At the same time, 38% of parents with sons are trying not to use phrases like "strong" or "brave" as much. They are trying to help the boys understand that being emotionally intelligent is important and it's not just about being tough. H'mm.

Nearly 50% of parents with daughters are working at using phrases other than "pretty" or "beautiful" too much. They don't want to only focus on their daughters' appearance but they want to encourage them to think of themselves in other ways.

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Over 60% of New York parents are changing the way that they speak to their kids and want to talk to them in a way that matches their unique and wonderful personality. They say that the change in the way they talk to their kids has helped them their child's self-image.

Almost 1/3rd of parents are admitting they feel pressure from the media about how to talk to their kids. I'm kind of surprised that number isn't higher. Finally, 20% of parents expressed regret about the way they used to talk to their kids. They now realize that the words they use can impact their kids not only when they’re little but as they grow up too.

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