On Sunday, June 2, 2024, at approximately 6:58 p.m., the Cortland Police Department, Cortland Fire Department, and TLC Ambulance responded to a call at 160 Main Street. Two 911 callers reported a woman was under attack by multiple dogs within an apartment at that location.

Arrival on Scene

Upon arrival at the scene, police officers discovered that a 42-year-old female was actively being bitten by three dogs, resulting in severe wounds to her head, chest, shoulders, and arms.

Measures to Halt the Attack

In an attempt to halt the attack, officers resorted to deploying pepper spray. Unfortunately, the spray did not affect the dogs. As a last resort, an officer was compelled to shoot the most aggressive of the three dogs, which successfully stopped the assault.

Efforts to Save the Victim

Police officers took control of the situation by corralling two of the dogs into a bedroom and isolating them. The injured dog from the gunfire was also contained in the kitchen. The immediate focus shifted to the critical medical needs of the female victim.

Life-Saving Actions at the Scene

Officers applied tourniquets to the victim's upper arms to manage the hemorrhaging. They further administered blood clotting bandages to two wounds on her shoulder and chest to staunch the bleeding. Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) from the Cortland Fire Department and TLC Ambulance took over medical care on the front porch of the residence.

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Critical Condition and Ongoing Treatment

Following the response and initial medical care, the female victim was transported directly to Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse for urgent treatment of her injuries. She has since undergone multiple surgeries and is currently in critical but stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Outcome of the Dogs

The three dogs involved in the attack were taken to Country Acres in Homer, New York. Regrettably, the dog that was shot during the incident succumbed to its wounds. The two remaining dogs have been placed under quarantine as a precautionary measure.

The Cortland Police Department received support from the Cortland Fire Department, TLC Ambulance, the Cortland County Sheriff’s Department, and Country Acres.

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