As we get ready to say "so long" to 2023, it's safe to say that it has been a bumpy ride for employees all across the country.

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From the "Hot Labor Summer" to New Yorkers going back to the office, workers have faced many ups and downs. In the middle of it all, a plethora of phrases have come out that describe the work trends in New York.

New York Work Words

Topping the list is "Boomerang Employee," a phrase that describes employees who venture out into the job market only to go back to their former employers with new skills. It's the workplace equivalent of a triumphant comeback, reminding us that sometimes going back to where it all started can lead to success.

In second place, we have the term "Bare Minimum Mondays." This describes the feeling of Mondays where everyone all agrees to do just enough to keep the gears turning, and not go above and beyond. It's a low-energy kind of day day where everyone agrees that sometimes it's okay to coast through the day on autopilot.

Taking the bronze on the list is "Chaotic Working," which describes the never-ending game of corporate whack-a-mole. It's the feeling of completing one job only to find that three more popping up in its place. It's the feeling of always being buried under a mountain of work.

"Shift Shock" takes the fourth spot, and it describes what it feels like when you realize that your dream job isn't what you thought it would be. It's the disappointment of finding out that the positive profile picture of your new job doesn't quite match the reality. This leaves you feeling like you've been set up on a blind date that's gone wrong. You're faced with unexpected responsibilities that were never mentioned during the interview process.

"Career Cushioning" comes in at number five and describes side gigs used as a safety net in case your job becomes vulnerable or you want to explore other opportunities. This means polishing your LinkedIn profile, networking at a whole new level, and sneaking in online courses during coffee breaks.

Finally, we have "Quiet Cutting" at number six. This refers to the corporate version of musical chairs, where the employees find themselves in new positions whether they like it or not. With fewer openings and slower wage growth, navigating career changes feels more like being pushed into a new seat rather than having a choice.

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