A new report by Compare the Market AU has named New York as the world's best city for freelancers. The report looked at things like income tax rates, electricity costs, salaries, and available freelancing jobs to find the best cities for freelance workers.

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It's no surprise that the good ol' US of A topped the rankings, with New York taking the top spot. If you're a freelancer in NYC, you'll have over 1.2 million Wi-Fi hotspots (what?!), and 417 coworking spaces, which is second only to London. The average monthly salary is around $6,575 to come in third on the list.

London is second on the list, with1,311 coworking spaces and 766,396 Wi-Fi hotspots, making it a attractive place for freelancers. There are also thousands of freelance jobs in the city, too.

San Francisco, with all its tech companies in Silicon Valley, grabs the bronze. Freelancers in this city have the highest average monthly salary of $7,343 and also benefit from a fast internet speed of 211.1 Mb/s.

Rounding off the top five are two more American cities, Chicago and San Diego. If you're a freelancer in Chicago, monthly salaries are $5,900, with over 340,000 Wi-Fi hotspots around the Windy City. Freelancers in San Diego enjoy the fastest internet speed at 220.11 Mb/s and a decent average monthly salary of around $5,551.

The study also shows that flexibility is important for freelancers who also work a full-time job. Being able to work from home or while traveling while making money is very important to freelancers. If you're thinking about becoming a freelancer, these are the places that you should be checking out.

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