The holiday season is here and families are getting ready for their annual Christmas trips. The last thing that anyone wants to happen during the holidays is an accident. Making sure that you and your loved ones who are traveling on the roads is really important.

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With all that in mind, the Assurance IQ team took a look  at how safe driving habits can  help reduce fatal accidents across America. Specifically, on the driving of New York citizens.

To figure out the risks of driving in New York, the Assurance IQ team looked at the information provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). They even took surveys among the New York residents to find out about their driving risks and habits.

Researchers examined how often New Yorkers drive over the speed limit and the average number of times they have been pulled over. Based on their findings, New York got a Speed Score of 3.45 out of 10, which means that New Yorkers tend to follow the speed limit.

As many times as drivers have flown by my car in the Empire State, I'm a little surprised with that result but we'll take it. So how did the NHTSA come to that score?

Why New Yorkers Are Safe Drivers

The way the researchers got the Risk Score was from the number of fatal car accidents in New York and how much time New Yorkers spend driving at speeds over 70 miles an hour. Based on these two things, New York got a Risk Score of 2.14 out of 10.

That's surprisingly good news but we have to remember that road safety is on our shoulders. We have to remember to drive safely ALL OF THE TIME because it only takes a moment to change everything.

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