The West Nile virus has multiple cases confirmed from mosquitos in New York State. New York State has the highest concentration of West Nile virus cases on the entire East Coast.

Suffolk County, New York has 5 positive cases that have been reported so far this year, according to CBS. Now, parts of New York State are taking action by doing fly-over sprays to reduce the amount of mosquitos in some areas.

How many cases did New York State have in 2022?

In 2022, New York reported 79 total cases of West Nile Virus and three deaths. Most of these cases came from the New York City area.

West Nile virus was first found in New York State in 1999. Since 2000, 490 human cases and 37 deaths of WNV have been reported statewide. Most people infected with EEE or WNV do not develop any signs or symptoms. If illness develops, symptoms usually occur 3-15 days after the bite from an infected mosquito", according to the New York State website.

How do I know if I have the West Nile Virus or a mosquito is carrying it?

Within 24-48 hours you may develop a headache, body aches, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhea, or rash. Usually, it will pass.

How can I keep misquotes away? According to the State:

  • Eliminate Local Mosquito Breeding Sites. Mosquitoes develop in standing water.
    • Do not leave standing water for longer than 2 days before dumping it out
    • Change the water in birdbaths and planter bases every 2 days
    • Clean clogged gutters to allow rainfall to drain freely
  • Reduce Exposure to Mosquitoes. Avoid mosquito bites by limiting outdoor activities at times of high mosquito activity, such as dusk and dawn.
  • Mosquito traps, electrocutors (bug zappers), ultrasonic repellers, and other devices marketed to prevent mosquitoes from biting people are not effective and should not be relied on to reduce mosquito bites (so save your money!).
  • Use Barriers to Protect Skin. (mosquito nets/screens for baby strollers/playpens, long sleeves/pants, socks/shoes, hats)

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