Since I've been working at 99.1 The Whale since radio began (or so people tell me), so I've accumulated a few weeks of time off per year. In the world of radio broadcasting, setting up vacation time can be tricky.

We are always doing something, whether it's a promotion, contest or community appearance, our business never sleeps, and that's a good thing. I love the fact that we do something different every day. Keeps the monotony away for sure.

But we all need downtime. I try to set my vacation well ahead of time, usually months in advance. That way, I can make sure everything is taken care of before I go away. I don't know about you, but it takes me a day or two to get into vacation mode.

My vacations usually consist of spending time at a campground. I have a travel trailer that I keep there permanently. I do like traveling around with the camper as I've done many times in the past, but I currently don't have a tow vehicle and it's nice to go to the campsite where everything is already set up and the only thing I need to do is unpack what I brought, and open up the beverage that's been sitting ice cold in the refrigerator, waiting for me to enjoy.

I used to travel around the country, but since I have invested so much into my campsite, it's my go-to place now. Maybe when I retire (is there such a thing?) I'll buy a tow vehicle and travel the country with my camper. I can see being one of those 'Snowbirds' - people who winter in the south or southwest and then spend summers back here in the northeast. Sell the home and live fulltime in a camper or RV? Sounds like a good retirement plan.

So, where will you be spending your summer vacation this year?

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