May 1st, 2020. It's a day I have been looking forward to since November 1st, 2019. That was the day that the 2019 camping season ended for the campground where I spend many weekends and all my vacations.

For six long cold months, I look at the countdown clock on my desk, from day 182 to day 1, longing for the campground to open. Once it gets below the 50 day mark, I begin to get excited.

If the weather breaks on any day in February or March, say around 50 degrees and sunny, I will take a trip to the campground to check on my camper and surroundings. Since the campground is closed, I walk in, but it's only a half mile walk to my camper, so it's not a problem. I bring along some lunch and spend a couple hours enjoying the beautiful Pennsylvania Endless Mountain scenery.

So here I am, excited to go on Friday...except Covid-19 put a crimp in my plans. Don't need to go into details there. You know the story. Even though the governor of Pennsylvania this week says it's OK to open private campgrounds, many have some work to do to set rules and make guidelines before opening.

That's how it will work with my campground, and I completely understand. Currently, if there are no other changes, May 8th will become the new 'most wonderful day of the year for me. I can deal with waiting one more week. I've just weathered 182 days, so what's another seven, right?

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