Today is take your dog to work day. Dogs everywhere are celebrating. I'm sure the one place they love to visit, is your workplace. Although this year, many workplaces are at home, so I'm wondering how that works out?

My Italian Greyhound, Sir Lance-a-Lot (that was his name when I adopted him) has a ball every time I bring him into the radio station. It's probably because he doesn't get out too much except into my home's backyard to do his business and chase the wildlife that are too stupid to realize that they may no longer see the light of day if my dog reaches them before they scurry under the fence.

Believe me, my Italian Greyhound can run very fast. Just ask my neighbor who witnessed my dog's speed the other day when a woodchuck decided it would be a good idea to wander into my backyard.

Lance, as I call him, loves people and will shower everyone he comes in contact with kisses. He is what I call a very excitable Italian Greyhound. I'm told they all are like that, and don't settle down util they are over 10 years old. Lance is 7 years old, so there's a lot more energy coming from him for the next few years.

Now my Greyhound, Kaygo, is just the opposite. When we adopted her, we were told she is a bit shy. Well, that's an understatement. She is afraid of many types of sounds (not thunder surprisingly), the wind, sudden movements of people or objects and even after a year of her being with us, I believe she still thinks I'm the devil.

She has no desire to leave the house except to visit the backyard for you know what, and she makes that trip as short as possible. When we go to the campground, I can see she's giving me the evil eye when we put on her harness and hop in the van. Give her the living room couch, and she's happy. Kaygo is why they say Greyhounds are couch potatoes. And taking her to work would be a disaster.

Happy take your dog to work day! If you took your pup to work, I hope he or she had a fun day.

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