According to the National Day Calendar, today, June 25th is National Leon Day. At first, I 'm wracking my brain trying to figure out who Leon is. I like a good challenge like this.

Well, turns out, Leon is Noel spelled backward. And June 25th marks six months away from Christmas. It's hard to believe that Christmas 2019 was six months ago. For me, it's seems like a lot less than that because of the three month period we have gone through with the pandemic. Those three months are a blur to me.

With Christmas a short six months away, it got me to thinking just how this year's holiday season will be. Will the shopping craze that occurs a month or two out, be as big as far as people going out to businesses to buy gifts? Or will there be an uptick in online sales come holiday season?

Time will certainly tell. While I do buy some holiday gifts online, I do prefer to actually go into a local store and browse around. If we still have to wear face masks, so be it.

And did you know, not only is today National Leon Day, it's National Handshake Day? I wonder how that's working out. It has been odd not being able to shake a person's hand. In the past few weeks, I've had several situations where a handshake would normally happen.

I recently met  my niece's boyfriend, and as he reached out to shake my hand, I had to tell him I couldn't as we are recommended to abstain from doing so. I was a bit embarrassed and sad that I couldn't shake his hand.

In the past couple of weeks, two of my co-workers have left to either pursue another career or retire. In both cases, it bothered me that I could only say goodbye verbally without a handshake, fist bump or a hug. Maybe come the holiday season, things will be different. We can only hope.

via National Day Calendar

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