Another day, another long list of national day celebrations. Today, there are at least ten national day celebrations.

According to National Day Calendar, in addition to National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, it's also a day to celebrate honesty, hair stylists, bubble tea, oatmeal cookies, raisins, shrimp scampi, zippers and Bugs Bunny. I didn't know Bugs had a day of his very own, but good for him.

Not sure why shrimp scampi, raisins, zippers and bubble tea really deserve a day, but I do like the fact that it's adopt a shelter pet day. Thinking back when I was a kid, I remember we used to adopt our pets from a shelter. Those animals deserve a forever home.

I've spent some time volunteering at a huge animal sanctuary in Utah, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, so I know how important it is to adopt a pet from a shelter. The stories I learned from the staff about how thousands of animals ended up at Best Friends, is just horrifying. The work they do to help abused and neglected animals is amazing.

It was an awesome experience, including having one of the dogs spend an evening with us during our time there. It was great therapy for us and the dog. I'm happy that they, and all the other shelters around the country exist to rescue, rehabilitate and in the end, adopt out these loving pets.

So, next time you consider getting a pet, please consider adopting one from your local shelters. If adoption isn't in your future, ask about volunteering. It will be good for you and all those pets looking for forever homes.

via National Day Calendar

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