I've said many times, my favorite temperature is 75 degrees. This weekend is going to suck for me.

According to the National Weather Service, heat indexes could rise to 105 degrees this weekend in the Binghamton area. The hot weather will be worse Friday and Saturday, but even on Sunday, they are saying the heat index will be reaching the mid to Upper 90's.

If you have a pool, obviously that would be a great place to stay cool this weekend. If you don't have a pool, or you are not going to a lake, you are going to want to be inside in an air-conditioned area. If you can't find one, here is a list of places you can go to stay cool.

The Public Library on Main Street in Johnson City, The Oakdale Mall in Johnson City, The George F Johnson Memorial Library on Park Street in Endicott, The Broome West Senior Center on Wayne Street in Endwell, and the Broome County Public Library on Court Street in Binghamton, are places where you can go just to enjoy the air conditioning.

You can also cool off at many of the local public pools in our area. They include; the Fairview Pool on Fairview Avenue in Binghamton, Highland Park, MacArthur Pool, Northside Pool, Southside Pool, The Vestal Memorial Pool, the West Endicott Park Pool, and the Spray Park at C.F.J. Park in Johnson City.

Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and check on your elderly neighbors.

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