While I was sitting with friends at my house watching football on Saturday, I received a news notification on my cell phone. It was a breaking news alert stating Hawaii had accidentally sent out a warning saying there was a ballistic missile threat inbound to the state and that people should seek immediate shelter. It went on to say this is not a drill. Can you imagine seeing this on your cell phone, seeing it flash across your TV, or hear it coming across your radio? Panic ensued and rightfully so. According to Hawaii News Now, about 38 minutes after the first text went out, another one was sent clarifying that it was a mistake and that there was no danger. The official word, according to Hawaii News Now, is that an employee at the state's Emergency Management Center pressed the wrong button.

Today, I saw where Time is reporting, the worker responsible for the mistaken missile alert has been reassigned. I'm actually shocked that they are still employed. I understand that mistakes happen. I mean we are only human, but sending a warning like this to every cell phone in the state is a huge boner. I just hope we never really need that alert. God forbid if we ever do, I hope people don't think it's another false alarm.

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