Last night was the final night of the season in the Monday Night Couple's League at Conklin Players Club. Chris and I have played in that league for years.

Last night we were playing captain and crew and we needed a couple of subs to fill in for one of the other couples that were on vacation. So I got to golf with my friend Tom the Electrician, he was on my team, and another friend of ours Karen golfed with Chris on her team. The man who runs our league, Ken, paired up the teams by handicap. I played with Ken's wife Mary and another woman from our league named Linda. Our team won the 9-hole tournament finishing at 5 under.

On the 8th hole, there was a closest to the pin contest. We weren't sure if we were all supposed to hit from our previous shot, or if we were to all hit form the best previous shot. So Mary went to call her husband for clarification of the rule. She realized she didn't have her cell phone, so I gave her mine to use and went off to hit my ball. As I was walking to my ball she said he wasn't answering. I said okay. I didn't think to ask her for my phone back.

After we're done golfing and we're loading our clubs in our cars, Karen, the woman that played on Chris' team, could not find her keys. She had put them in a pocket of her golf bag and zipped it up so she couldn't understand why her keys were not in that pocket. She frantically searched through her other pockets thinking maybe she put it in a different zipper in the bag, but she still couldn't find her keys. I asked her if there was a hole in that pocket, and she replied no. So I asked her if she wanted me to go through her bag and look for her keys and she said yes. I discovered there was a hole in that pocket where she put her keys, and her keys had fallen down inside the bag itself. So we took all the clubs out of the bag and flipped it over and I pulled the keys out of the bag. We thought that was going to be the end of the adventures for the evening. We were wrong.

We all went inside to grab a bite to eat and receive our prizes for the season. My team collected $20 each for winning yesterday's tournament. Once we were done eating we said our goodbyes to the other members of our league and told them we would see them next season. As I got in my car I realized I didn't have my phone. I got out and checked my bag where I usually put my phone and it was not there. Just then I remembered Mary had used the phone. So I went back upstairs and ask her where she put the phone after she was done using it. She told me she put it on the seat of our cart. Tommy and I didn't notice the phone on the seat and therefore the phone was either still on the cart in the cart barn, or it fell off on the course. So we went out in the cart barn and started going through carts looking for my phone. We could not find it. We grabbed one of the carts and went back up to the 8th hole and searched there to no avail. We tried to retrace the path we took while we were playing 9 and we still didn't find it.

At this point, it was starting to get dark so Ken grabbed a flashlight out of his car and we went back up to search holes eight and nine again. We still couldn't find it. So we all went home with the hope of somebody turning the phone in today.

As I was driving home last night, I felt bad for Mary. She felt horrible about the whole situation and even offered to buy me a new phone if it was lost for good. I told her she didn't have to do that and I had a feeling it would turn up. It turns out that Browny, one of the mowers at the course, spotted my phone around the 9th Tee Box and he stopped the mower before running it over. Ken brought the phone back to me today and I am very appreciative. All is right in the world again. Talk about an exciting night of golf.

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