When you receive your Spectrum bill this month, you may notice an increase in the amount due.

According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Spectrum Cable, which is owned by Charter Communications, will have a rate increases this month.

If you have a promotional plan that is still in effect, you should be okay for now. The rest of us with cable and internet bills might see an increase of $7.50 a month. According to the report they will also be increasing the price of your cable boxes from $7:49 a month, to $7.99 per month.

The report also stated that Spectrum internet customers, who do not have a bundle to receive their cable from Spectrum as well, will see their rate going up $4 a month.

They quoted company officials as saying the internet increase will affect customers who do not have at least Spectrum TV Select or packages above that.

So why the increase? According to the report, the cost increase is due to the rapidly rising cost of local broadcast channels. Meaning local TV channels like those here in Binghamton, are demanding more money to allow Spectrum to air their stations on cable.

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