This is something that many Netflix users have been waiting for, for a very long time. Now, you are able to watch your favorite videos on the go, without needing to be connected to the internet first.

According to Brobible:

It’s simple: to save a TV episode or movie for offline viewing you just click that button to the right and you’re good to go (do this over wi-fi).

If you live in NYC, Chicago, Boston, London, or anywhere with a subway system which runs underground then this is HUUUUGE. Or if you travel up in the sky on a regular basis and watch a ton of Netflix during your trips this is going to save you a fortune on upgrading your Internet speeds. Though, most airplane WiFi is complete dog shit and won’t allow you to stream video anyways (I’m looking at you GoGo, you should be ashamed of your speeds and service).

Presumably, this new feature will come with an update to the Netflix mobile app for iOS and Android, and this will get rolled out in waves. So if you don’t have this feature instantly just hold tight, you’ll have it by the end of the day (according to Netflix’s tweet). I literally just got the app update while I was typing up this article, so yours is coming soon.

The ability to save content and watch it offline is a Netflix feature we’ve all known is ‘coming soon’ soon ever since Amazon Prime Video released that feature well over a year ago, but it’s always been unclear just how serious Netflix was about rolling this out. "

[via Brobible]