It's been a long time since I took my driver's test. I wonder if I had to complete the written test and go through a road test, how would I fare? I consider myself a safe and cautious driver.

Although there are times my inner road rage would love to surface, that would come to no good. I have to admit that I'm not the best when it comes to parallel parking. If I had a small car, probably, but I drive a large van, and the line of sight isn't always the best.

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Why Two Licence Plates For New York State Motor Vehicles?

But that's not the reason for this article. It's about the placement of license plates on vehicles registered in New York State. But before I touch on that subject, why do we New Yorkers have to have both front and rear license plates? In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, motorists only have to have a license plate on the back of the vehicle.

Well, according to the website Get Jerry, having a place on the front and back of your vehicle doubles the chance of identification for many reasons. Most states (31 actually) in the country require two license plates on vehicles. Basically, they help to prevent crime.

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Legal Or Illegal To Place A License Plate In The Windshield

So, what about placing a New York State license plate in other places on your vehicle other than the front and back bumper areas? I have a neighbor who placed their front license plate on the inside of the front windshield. That is not legal, and it could result in a fine according to Get Jerry.

And as a reminder, make sure both your license plates are clear of any obstructions like snow and ice, not partially covered by a license plate cover or a plate that has peeled to the point that it can't be read. Plus, your license plate must be illuminated as well. You can be fined for any of these offenses.

[via Get Jerry]

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