So there is all this talk about a gas shortage after the Colonial Pipeline was hacked by a group that calls themselves DarkSide recently. But, judging by the usually heavy traffic on the Southern Tier of New and Northeastern Pennsylvania, plus the high rate of speed that everyone is going, I don't think there is an issue in our area.

And I haven't seen long lines at gas stations or any that are our of gasoline. I have to agree with some of my friends and coworkers who think hording gas is not the wise thing to do. Especially since the pipeline is back in operation. I saw somewhere on social media, a picture of a Hummer that ended up torched last week after the owner had filled up several gas cans and placed them inside the vehicle. Luckily the driver was not seriously injured or worse, killed.

And that brings me to another point having to do with driving. What is it with driver's feeling the need to drive well over the speed limit? Maybe it's the same in most states, but I've noticed this more in Pennsylvania than in New York. On a major highway, I know that many vehicles are clocking at 15 to 20 or more over the speed limit, but I'm talking more specifically about the same on secondary and even unpaved roads.

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No disrespect to my fellow Pennsylvanians. I love PA and all it's residents. I have many friends and some relatives who hail from Pennsylvania, but can you tell me why many drivers feel the need to drive 20 or more mph over the speed limit on secondary roads?

Many secondary roads in Pennsylvania are hilly and curve a lot. During camping season, I drive these secondary and unpaved roads every weekend and while on vacation, and even I go over the speed limit by about 10 mph. But more often than not, as soon as I cross the border or just leave the campground to head back home, there is at least one vehicle up my you-know-what, coning from out of nowhere.

I'm guessing 10 mile over the limit isn't enough. Once when I was passed on a secondary road, I sped up just to see how fast the vehicle was going. I ended up at about 75 on a 50 mph road speed limit. Maybe that's fine for a major road, but one that is secondary, ill hills and lots of curves to navigate, that would make me nervous no matter how well I know the road.

The other factor is deer. Rarely do I travel on a secondary road that I don't see deer crossing the road. I don't think I could stop in time to avoid a collision at 50, much less at 75. Well, I don't expect anything to change or drivers gong a bit closer to the speed limit, but I feel good getting it off my chest.

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