In the Greater Binghamton area, we've got lots of choices for drinking establishments, eateries and a few places for arcade play.

But do we have a place that caters to all three? Not that I'm aware of, and I think it's an awesome idea. According to, this idea is becoming a reality in the Syracuse area, which of course is just an hour up the road from Binghamton.

An establishment will be opening in April that will feature several craft beers, a food menu and plenty of gaming options.

I love craft beer, arcade games and of course food, but really caught my eye in the article was the fact the food menu will feature King's Hawaiian rolls and bread, which in my opinion are the best tasting rolls and break on the planet.

Also on the menu will be smashburgers. I had to look that one up, since I'd never heard of that before. I don't get out much. It all sounds like a cool concept and something to check out, or maybe one of these types of establishments will pop up here in Binghamton in the future.


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