A superintendent and principal are back under hot water after an inappropriate TikTok video of them resurfaced from last year.

Superintendent Jesse Colburn has issued an apology to all students and families in the Heuvelton School District for a video that came out a year ago. Heuevelton is a small town in upstate New York, located 20 minutes west of Canton and 10 minutes from the Canadian border.

Heuvelton Central School via Facebook
Heuvelton Central School via Facebook

Colburn says he and Principal Shannon Jordan, grades 7-12, were asked by students to be in a TikTok video with them in the Heuvelton cafeteria. To support the students, they both did so, not knowing explicit music would be used in the background.

When we became aware of the explicit lyrics, the students who posted them were asked to remove the videos from the platform.

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According to the apology, the Board of Education was informed and handled the situation at the time. Superintendent Colburn says there is no excuse for not being aware of the songs being used and asking the students about it. Unfortunately, sometime during the past two weeks the video was reposted to TikTok.

He wants to remind families that the music doesn't represent what he, Mrs. Jordan, the school or the community stands for.

I can assure you Mrs. Jordan and I learned a lesson, and since that time have not participated in student TikTok videos.

The apology states that the person who reposted the video has no affiliation to Heuvelton Central School, and has since been taken down. Colburn says that he and his administration will continue to battle the issues of race and inclusion within their district.

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