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Yesterday while I was at work, Chris called me to tell me Ian called her to inform her that he was cooking dinner for us last night. Yesterday was his last day of class for this semester over at Binghamton University. He is attending B.U. for his Masters in Secondary Education. He told Chris that he was going to stop at Butcher Boys in Endwell and grab some fresh steaks.

Ian is a very talented cook. He learned from watching Chris cook and watching a few cooking shows with her. He used to cook at NYSEG Stadium for the Binghamton Mets games including all the complete dinners for the people in the sky boxes. He also used to cook for everyone in his off-campus home while attending Mansfield University. While going for his Master's, he works part-time at Taylors Pizza in Endicott.

Ian loves to experiment while he cooks just like his mother does. Neither one of them really use recipes, they will just stare at the spice rack and say “I bet this would taste good in there”. And both of them are right about 99.9% of the time.

So last night Ian bought and cooked us ribeye steaks, shrimp, and homemade steak fries. He basted the steaks with butter and fresh rosemary. They were cooked perfectly to medium-rare. Even though the food was awesome, I felt guilty because he was the one that finished another semester in college, so we should have taken him out for dinner. But he insisted that he cooked. He's going to make a woman very happy someday.

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