It's gone. The End. Well, not exactly.

Have you ever lost something of value that just eats at you, especially because you've looked everywhere for it, except where it's at? Welcome to my life.

I have one of those 'different' type of wallets, or at least I did. It's the kind that is aluminum, has a latch, and is silver. You see them for sale mostly at truck stop stores. Let's not get into that story, though.

I lost it sometime between my Whale Stop at the Vestal Avenue Dunkin Donuts last Friday, and the time I arrived back home from a weekend at the campground on Sunday. I'm in the process of emptying out my camper, since I'm about to buy a new one, and I don't know if I accidentally packed it away, or lost it during one of my drunken nights hanging around the campfire with my fellow campers.

The biggest pain though, is having to cancel the cards I had in the wallet, and deal with getting a replacement driver's license. Fortunately, I really don't carry important cards in my wallet, and never put cash in there, but either way, it's no fun trying to remember what exactly is in the wallet, and what needs to be replaced.

I now have peace of mind, knowing replacements are on the way, and for some strange reason, I know that someday, my wallet will turn up in the most obvious place. It may not be today or tomorrow or 6 months from now, but one day I will find it, because that's how life works for me.