Starting Monday morning, I will be giving away 25 Fat Cat scratch-off instant lottery tickets from the New York State Lottery. Each ticket has chances to win $25,000. We will be giving those away around 8:40 all next week.

When looking for Strange But True stories to use during Freezone in the Morning this week, I found this story on UPI about a guy in Northern Virginia whose name is Benjamin Owens and he recently won two hundred grand on a scratch-off ticket. But, it wasn't his first time winning. He also won $200,000 on another scratch-off ticket almost exactly 14 years prior. According to UPI, the first time he won he decided to split the money with his family. Now that he's won 200000 for the second time, he's splitting it with his family again. I think I need to get myself one of those Ancestry DNA kits to see if maybe I'm related to this guy. Either that or next time I buy lottery tickets, maybe he can touch them before I scratch them off. The most I've ever won on a scratch-off ticket was $50 twice. I actually had two $50 winners on the same day. I'm not greedy, I would be happy with one winning ticket worth 200 grand.

Be listening Monday morning at 8:40 for your chance to win the lottery tickets. Also Monday, I will have the first keyword of the day for you in the Whale's Cash Code Contest. I'll give that out at 7:10 and that could win you up to $5,000. Speaking of winning things, if you'd rather go see some live music, be listening at 8:15 for your chance to win tickets to see Halfway to Hell, the AC/DC tribute band at Touch of Texas on Friday, April 27th.

May the luck of Benjamin Owens be with you.

[via UPI]

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