I never used to get flu shots. If I did get the flu in the past, it usually only affected me for two to three days or so. There was one time I got the flu about 10 years ago, and it was pretty bad. Then just a few years ago, I ended up with the flu that turned into pneumonia. That was not fun.

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So two years ago I got my first ever flu shot. And it did its job; I did not get flu that year. The only reason I got the flu vaccine two years ago, was because my wife Chris has been getting the flu shot for at least the last 17 years. Over those 17 years, Chris had never gotten the flu, so I decided I would give it a try.

Last year, by the time I went to the drugstore to get my flu shot, they were already out. I checked a couple other drug stores in both Endicott and Vestal, and they were also sold out so I just let it go. Luckily, last year I did not get the flu at all.

This year, with the Coronavirus being of concern, I decided I better make sure that I get my flu shot. There would be nothing worse than getting the flu and having it turn into pneumonia, only to find there was no room in the hospitals if God forbid the coronavirus spikes like it did back and March and early April.

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