I hope you had a great weekend too. For me, it was a busy non-stop weekend, but it was a great busy weekend.

Friday night, my wife and I went to St. Joe's Bazaar to have dinner and a few beers. We ran into some friends and chatted for a while. Then we went home and had a relaxing night on the patio with a bonfire.

Saturday, I did some yard work, did some running around and then went to see the band Saliva at the Blue Moon Sound Stage at En-Joie. They put on a great show. I got a chance to talk to some old friends there as well.

Yesterday after church, we went out for a Father's Day brunch, played some golf, did some gambling, and then stopped at a B.B.Q. place for chicken dinner and some ice-cream. I came pretty close to my first ever hole in one. It was a 133-yard par 3 with the wind to our back. I hit my sand wedge right at the pin. It hit the green about five feet from the flag, bounced again, and the next bounce looked like it was going in the hole, but it hit the pin and ended up about ten feet away. I lipped the birdie putt and had to settle for a par.

I really enjoyed my weekend, and I hope you did as well.

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