The name that you choose to give to your pet speaks volumes about you or your family as individuals. It can be overwhelming sometimes to narrow down a pet's name to just one, so here's a list of some things to think about before making that decision:

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    Keep It Simple and Short

    Pick a name that your dog will easily recognize and understand. For example; it may be easier to get the attention of your dog with a name like "Baxter" versus "Prince Butternut III"

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    Wait A Few Days

    When you first get your pet, it may be smart to wait a couple of days to give them a name. If you name them "Zippy", but they're hardly active, and rarely run around... it's not going to be too awful fitting for them.

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    Use Breed Heritage As Inspiration

    If you have a Poodle, maybe consider a French name? Something German for a German Shepherd, Daschund, Schnauzer. You get the idea.

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    Make It Appropriate

    Your pet will be going through their whole life with this new name, and as a pet owner you'll be saying it hundreds -- if not thousands of times -- throughout their lifetime. Choose a name that you'll feel comfortable using in public.

    Remember that the name that you choose lets others know how you feel about your pet.

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