When it comes to driving, I like to try different routes to get to my destination. Is that weird? Do you? It's just that sometimes it's fun to take in different scenery from point A to point B.

I do that regularly when going from home to work and back. I live in the Johnson City area, and have many different ways I take to get to work and back. Most people would probably suggest I take the fastest and shortest route, but that's not how I roll on most days (See what I did there? Sorry.)

I used to just hop onto Route 17 from Route 201 (future I-86) and exit onto Front Street into Downtown Binghamton. Easy and quick. But a few times over the winter, I found that if it's a sunny morning and the highway is wet, as I climb the incline just past Airport Road, the sun glaring on the wet pavement greatly reduces my sight of what's ahead. And that's dangerous. So, I tend to avoid the highway at least on a day like that in the winter.

My preference heading into work  is actually the slowest of my options, and that's Main Street Johnson City to Court Street Binghamton. I know it's got the most intersections with traffic lights that go against me. I don't know why I prefer this route. Maybe it's because I just want to take my sweet old time getting to work. It's also the safest drive during a winter storm, although sometimes I'll slide over onto Clinton Street to cut down on traffic lights.

On my way home, I normally choose to take another short route - the Vestal Parkway, Vestal Road, Route 201 and onto Main Street Johnson City. If I'm feeling like driving through a nice neighborhood on my way home, I'll take Riverside Drive. There are some really nice homes on that route. Yea, it doesn't take much to excite me. Who knew taking different routes to work and home could be so exciting?

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