Now that we are past the ever so unpredictable Memorial Day Weekend weather swing, and we put to rest any more bouts of cold weather and put a cap on the crazy amount of snowfall we experienced during the past few months?

We've endured many Memorial Day Weekends where the weather has been less than favorable, some with snow, and this year it was worse than most I can remember. But as is usually the case, once we get past the month of May, Summer jumps right in full force as it did last week. It's almost as if Mother Nature is becoming to predictable. Wait, I probably shouldn't have mentioned that. Not good to upset Mother Nature.

Anyway, even though I've seen nothing official from the Golden Snowball website or anything recent from the National Weather Service Eastern Region, I am guessing that the final New York State and Eastern Region snow totals are in.

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As we pretty much guessed, there would be no competition for the Golden Snowball award. And again while the website has not made it official yet, the last count on May 21st has Binghamton at 105 inches of snow for the 2020-2021 winter season. Buffalo is in second place, nowhere close to Binghamton with 77.2 inches of snow.

According to the Golden Snowball site yearly statistics, Syracuse wins the award more than times any of the five New York State cities. Not this year, 'Cuse. But we Binghamton area folks would happily let you take the award back next winter.

As for the NOAA Eastern Region Facebook page, Binghamton was not able to hold on to the number 1 slot. Caribou, Maine overtook us late in the season. As of their last mention on April 23rd, Caribou's total snow amount was 107.9 inches, with Binghamton coming in second place at 104.7 inches. We know that the amount as of May 21st was 105 inches according to the Golden Snowball, but I'm guessing Caribou's numbers are also a bit higher.

It was fun watching the competition happening over the winter season, if you want to call it that. But shoveling all that snow wasn't fun at all, so I'd like to request we not go through it again for the 2021-2022 winter season. Can we all agree on that?

via Golden Snowball, NOAA Eastern Region

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