Are you getting a stimulus check from the U.S. Government? Did you get it yet? I did.

I file my taxes online, and normally I get a refund rather than owing New York State or the federal government money. Filing online means I get my money back quickly, and that's how it worked out for me with the stimulus check.

As much as I'd like to spend it on something I want, rather than something I need, pretty much all of it went to paying bills. That's a tough pill to swallow. Whenever I come into a few extra dollars, my tendency is to send it on something I probably don't really need to purchase. I think I was born to be broke, and it's my own fault.

What I find disturbing are the individuals who are preying on the American public with fake stimulus check mailings. Many people really need this money, and to have con artists basically steal from unsuspecting people, especially seniors who live on a fixed budget, just boils my blood.

Well, enjoy your stimulus check and spend it wisely...or not.

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