Sometimes I just need to vent. Not that the topics are necessarily a big deal, it feels good to get things off your chest and out in the open. Of course, sometimes its best to keep your mouth shut too.

Here's this week's minor rambling from my exciting life. Growing up, we didn't have air-conditioning. Not at school, not at home and not in the car. Somehow we survived the hot, humid summer season. Yes, we did have one box fan in the living room, but that was it. No big deal.

Now, I have a hard time living without it during the hottest days of summer. I even have it in my camper. Sad, right? This summer, I have gone without air-conditioning in my car because the blower motor crapped out a few months ago. No biggie, I thought. Just open all the windows along with the sun roof and let the air flow in, even if it's like a blast from a furnace.

Well, I have Greyhounds that accompany me on the weekly trips to the campground, so when it's hot and raining, the windows have to go up. Dog breath and the summer heat do not make for a fun time in the car during those rainy trips. And the windows begin to steam up, making it hard to see out them.

Since we've had such a rainy summer, this has happened far too many times. The reason I've not had the motor repaired yet is because it will amount to over 1000 dollars. I've been saving my pennies to get it fixed which needs to be done before winter since that same blower motor dispenses heat.

Even so, I wonder how did we get along without AC, and at times, heat when we were younger? Ah the good 'ol days, right?

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