And here we are. One week away from the big one. Christmas can shake the strongest to their core. Me too.

Christmas has many meanings for us. Most are wonderful things. For me, there is one that is mind boggling. That one word is 'shopping.' I dread holiday shopping. OK, let's include shopping for gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines Day too.

I think the problem is, I get too involved and am trying to search for the perfect gift(s). Up and down the aisles I go. Store to store. What would make that person go "Oh wow, this is an amazing gift!"

Do I buy silly stuff along with serious stuff? My head is spinning. Even if I am shopping online, I tend to dissect the product, looking at every angle of the item I'm considering purchasing. Can't they expand that picture any larger? Wow, I need to relax. But, nothing doing.

When it's all done, and you think you've succeeded in buying nothing but those 'oh wow' gifts, do you notice that you as the giver, is more excited the the person you bought it for? Yup.

One week to Christmas. And if you know me, you know I will wait until Christmas Eve to shop. I will never learn. Wish me luck.

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