Glassdoor recently released a list of 11 jobs that pay more than $100k. Did you know five of those jobs are available in Binghamton right now?

Yes, you need a specific degree for most of these jobs. There aren't any "get rich quick" schemes on the list, but the surprising thing is these aren't your typical doctor and lawyer jobs.

The list included positions like special agent, airline pilot, and geophysicist -- not exactly things you would expect to see on the Binghamton job boards. But it also included dentist, equity research associate, and nurse practitioner, and those are jobs you can find right here in the Parlor City.

If you're thinking about going back to school or starting a new career in Binghamton, maybe you want to think about becoming a physician assistant where the median base salary is $100,000. Or a software architect, where the median base salary is $130,000. You can check out the full list on Happy job hunting!

[via Glassdoor]

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